20.4.2017 Изложба

Am 20.04.2017 wird diese sehenswerte Austellung junger bulgarischer Bildhauer und Maler in den Räumlichkeiten des eta Verlags in Berlin eröffnet. Kommt vorbei und bringt eure Freunde mit – es wird sich lohnen.

Schönhauser Allee 26, 10435 Berlin


(Un)known – from project to object

The exhibition „(Un)known – from project to object“ presents sculptures, installations and drawings by Hristina Drenska – Tita, Elina Simeonova, Nicola Tsvetanov, Hristo Antonov, Svetlin Demirev, Yana Karamandzhukova, Galya Blagoeva, Iliya Vladimirov, Valentina Sciarra – a group of young artists, recently completed a degree in Sculptureat the National Art Academy, Sofia.

Their works are distinguished as a concept, structure, form, and their combination of materials (plaster, metal, concrete, stone, wood, resins or paper). They allow to be traced the process of creating an artwork – from designed, through the transformation of the material and the creation in object. Directed towards the abstract, the young artists, cross over the border and break the „classic“ view of the form.

Different in temperament, aesthetic and plastic searches with minimal handling and clear expressions, the authors make their provocation to the viewer, affecting the various levels of sensory perception and imagination. The sculptures, conceived as conceptual projects, reflect a variety of creative interpretations. They cover a wide range of physical and spiritual quests,about the purity and synthesis, putting questions to the unexplainable, initial of creation for the immutable link with nature…

The (Un)known young artists looking for field for the realization of their projects with the idea that they should be fulfilled in scale and exposed outside of the gallery and museum spaces where the“objects“- will be in symbiosis with the surrounding urban and park environment. With this exhibition they show something new and different, highlighting the possible alternatives and provide a new direction for understanding of the trends in contemporary Bulgarian sculpture.